The Design Team

Often within the online world you never get to know who is behind the website so we thought we’d change that at Posterbox. This is the current team of creatives who are bringing you the best in graphic art and poster design…

Jim Walker

With over 12 years experience of interior design and graphic consultation, Jim was the guy who had the idea of creating this website and putting together the team. Jim has worked at several design agencies over the years but now primarily does interior design consultation work for businesses in the UK. Jim says “I love to bring a smile to clients faces and build upon their inspirations for design themes.”

Paula Erikson

For a time Paula ran her own graphic design business in London but has recently begun writing for various design magazines and found her way into educating people on the value of great design. Offering workshops, classes and talks around Europe, Paula says “Getting people interested in art and design is something I’m very interested in.”

Alan Wicks

Starting his design career making poster designs for industrial spaces, Alan has evolved his design skills into digital art and now produces award-winning work that is sold in galleries around the world. He regularly throws his own exhibitions around the UK and is highly regarded in his field. Alan says “Keep the imagination burning and don’t be constrained by other people’s ideas.”

Karen Mackenzie

Primarily focussing on typography in design, Karen works as a freelance designer in the design scene of Liverpool and Manchester, creating clean, clear font designs and conceptual artwork for corporations. Karen says “There is always a solution with great design, you can create the perfect artwork if your brain is engaged.”

So there you have it, a small team of creatives who have come together to discuss graphic artwork and poster design.

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