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The Art of Vintage Poster Designs

Vintage Poster DesignPosters, as attractive as they are, are one of the most innovative and experimented upon artworks. Apart from display of text and graphics, they also encourage one to add a dash of ideas in order to communicate and make sense out of the content. Vintage posters are very much in vogue right now. It is like the 50’s- 60’s fashion coming back to life again. They can remind us of our childhoods and some very fond memories. However, authentic vintage posters are a bit rare to find. It requires time and research to find the right ones which aren’t just printed copies. Montgomery Flagg vintage

With the outbreak of World War I in 1914, the poster became an art that could influence history. Prior to the ascendancy of motion pictures and television, it was politically the most important of all visual media. It was easily produced and immediate in impact, and it could be posted wherever there was a public to see it. Given such a role, posters of war and revolution may be quite forceful, varied, and revealing. The propagandistic posters of the early years of the Soviet Union, for example, aimed at a largely illiterate population, are blunt and powerful; those of the late Austro-Hungarian Empire have a lyrical medieval gallantry; and those of World War I America display a swaggering hometown naivete. All reveal a need to embody not only the aspirations of the group that produced them but of the entire people to whom they were addressed. An outstanding example is James Montgomery Flagg’s famous U.S. recruiting poster of Uncle Sam pointing directly at the viewer, a forceful call to patriotism during World War I.

These days Vintage posters are a must have in many people’s home decor theme. With the advent of poster printing in mass production has come the immediate availability of vintage posters on the internet which has made them very affordable for home owners. Having a classic vintage print in your home adds a very stylized element to your interior design.

Vintage Retro Posters

As far as authentic vintage posters go, it is the combination of rarity of a poster, condition, artist, and the image itself that will determine the final selling price of an individual poster. Some people purchase Vintage Posters with a specific subject matter, some are looking to work with a particular colour scheme, while others prefer the style of a particular artist. At all times, the better the condition of a poster, the higher is its price. The size of the piece does not always determine the value of a poster. As a reflection of price changes, consider today’s market place where images relating to coffee and cigar smoking are rising much quickly that the less popular Vintage Posters promoting furs. With limited supply available in collectors’ hands, a quick pick-up in demand reflects in the selling prices. Vintage posters are used in many different ways. In the home many people use these striking images as the focal point of a room, often the living room or family room  but also the kitchen and bedroom as well. Vintage Posters are used prominently in television shows’ decor – for example the living room looking so lively in Friends, Frasier, as well as in many movies. In an office setting the poster can be used in a lobby as well as in conference and showrooms. Some businesses use the Vintage Posters to promote their own products or just to create an atmosphere pleasing to their clients and employees. Hotels and restaurants use many Vintage Posters to enhance the ambiance of their establishments. Whether it be just one, or a full display of Vintage Posters they lend themselves to a room setting where people are having a good time. The popularity of these antique images has grown enormously in the past 10 years. Few dealers specialize in Vintage Posters particularly in the world. It is important to rely on a Vintage Poster dealer that is both knowledgeable and reliable.

At Posterbox we love the classic retro feel of vintage poster designs, they have their own individual style which is fairly simple yet very striking. They just get the point across without any fuss. There are many online gallery sites which sell great vintage poster reproductions so have a look and you might well discover a hidden gem that is perfect for your home or office wall.


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  1. I’ve never thought this was used in WWII. My introduction to this particular poster was in US Visa application or something. Great site BTW; clean and organized.

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