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So what exactly is Posterbox here for?

Our team absolutely love designing poster art, from old style vintage posters to modern grunge art. As long as it looks good printed large then we’re happy! We also love to delve into the past with iconic poster designs and find out some of the most influential designers across the years.

Poster art, and indeed just about any form of imagery, captivates the human mind and has a powerful way to make you stop and read, or think! Using creative designs and great photography you can bring a thought into sharp focus and make it almost jump off the wall.

At Posterbox we will be showcasing the best poster designs and bring them to you with some words of wisdom. There are so many great poster designers out there that we think we’ll have plenty of material to post, so join us on a design journey into the stylish world of posters.

The Photobox Team x

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