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What exactly is a poster?

The term ‘poster’ can sometimes be confused with other printed forms so let’s begin with defining exactly what a poster is from a design and aesthetic point of view.

When creating a large design it is often printed for display purposes and hung on a wall, either on it’s own or framed. Technically this is a poster. A design created for displaying information or imagery. But posters come in many forms and have many uses so let’s look at a few of them.

Information Posters

These are used to display useful information for customers, visitors or colleagues in the retail, business or corporate sectors. It could be a ‘SALE!’ poster in a shop, a map in a visitor centre or even a safety poster. These kind of posters are used to guide people and tend to have clear typography, icons and images. They need to be able to be read quickly and without confusion.

Art Posters

A great way to add artwork to your walls on the cheap is using art posters. They come in various print sizes and are available all over the internet and in art galleries around the world. They are print reproductions of original art and can be from paintings, photographs or digital art. The great thing about poster art is that they are great value and can be ready to hang or framed suitably to enhance the image.

Collage Posters

These are a great way to convey multiple pictures across a single poster. Typically you will find them in the home with a collection of family photographs put together into either a blended montage or a mocked-up pile of photo prints.

Over the coming weeks we will be focussing on other styles of poster such as vintage posters, iconic designs wartime posters. We will also be producing some easy to follow guides on how to make your own posters, where the best places to buy them are, and show you some really incredible poster design that will inspire your mind and make you want to delve deeper into the world of design, art and poster themes.