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5 Tips For Better Poster Design

brilliant poster designs

Posters are one of the best ways to promote something – be it an event, product or business. Since the dawn of printing, poster design has represented the easiest way to let people know of something and is still used today because of its continued success rate in getting the information out there. To a certain extent, the internet and social media has taken over but there is still a huge marketplace for poster designs. So if you wanted to create a poster design for your event, how would you go about it? We’re going to run through the top 5 tips for ensuring your poster makes the biggest impact, and consequently get you the most ROI. Continue reading 5 Tips For Better Poster Design

Poster Prints

Landscape photo poster

Poster prints have been around for many years, but thanks to modern printing technologies, poster prints are now widely available and in most cases are great value for money. Posters are an awesome way to get your walls decorated with beautiful art of your choice, whether it’s a photographic print of a landscape or a print copy of a famous artist’s painting. Posters are great value, easy to transport and offer a variety of ways to display them, whether it’s in a public building or your own home.

These days with the multitude of online gallery shops you have access to such a vast array of poster artwork it’s easy to end up with a shopping cart of several posters to buy. Places like have hundreds of prints to choose from which can be useful if you’re not quite sure what kind of poster art you’re looking for. On the other hand you can get lost in a sea of beautiful imagery and end up not being able to decide on a piece of art!

The other option is to have one of your own photographs printed as a large poster. Photographers even sell copies of their pictures as poster reprints from their online portfolio websites or other galleries. This is a great way to purchase quality imagery straight from the artist. Prices can vary, but on the whole you should be getting a great deal for some original artwork. But for that unique piece of poster wall art you need to have your own images printed. You are bound to have a great photo from a holiday or a wedding that would look stunning on your wall. Get it printed then! Don’t let it never see the light of day on your computer. Let it breathe!

How do I flatten my poster print?

When you buy a poster off the internet it will usually come delivered in a strong cardboard tube to protect it in transit. The first thing you will want to do is flatten it out whilst not putting creases in it. One of the easiest ways to do this is to roll it the opposite way around the cardboard tube. When it is rolled all the way, just hold it for a minute then allow it to unravel slowly. If you have time, leave it to lie on the floor for 24 hours and it will then straighten out naturally.

What’s the best way to hang my poster?

If you are on a budget then you will just hang it up using blu-tack or double-sided sticky velcro tabs, which can be bought from any stationers. This is a quick way to attach a poster to a wall, like we used to do with pop posters when we were kids. We wouldn’t advise this for a room like your lounge or dining room as it never looks as good. You can see the dents where the tack is and it’s not one of the most stable ways to hang a poster print. They often come down in the middle of the night making you jump!

The ideal way to hang a poster print is by framing it. Sure, this is an added expense but how much do you like the print? It probably cost very little in the first place so by getting it framed in a real mount is not a major expense. Find a local framing company and take your poster. There you can view it in several styles of frame to get the best result. Not only will this provide you with a sturdy way to hang your poster but it will show the artwork off in it’s best light.

One other bonus of buying a good quality frame which matches your interior decor is that it can be used over and over again. You may find another picture you prefer in a year’s time. If that happens you can simply switch the posters around and all it cost you was a new poster print. Genius!

So posters have a place in every home, alongside other artwork media such as canvas art. They blend well together and are an excellent way to show off not only famous art, but also your photographs. Enjoy art, show art. Your home walls will love you for it!

Understanding Typography in Poster Design

Typographic Poster Design

Typography as art is an inspired concept. Typography, put simply, is the technique of arranging type in order to make language visible. However, experimenting with various possible text styles are what great designers do in the design industry. And typography is one great example where the power of imagination in experimenting is an advantage.

Using typography in poster design can greatly add to its artistic appeal.  Since posters are meant to be both eye catching and informative, using typography to meld words and images into riveting forms, is a guaranteed way to grab attention. In fact, a lot of designers today are playing with the art of typography in their creations. All over the creative space, it’s more popular than ever, having a retro-come-futuristic feel, depending on the fonts and style used.

NeueGraphic Poster DesignGood typography takes expertise: choosing the best type to complement the meaning of the content, balancing sizes and spacing for optimum readability, and not drawing attention to itself in the process. The art of the typeface, from the typographer who creates them down to the designer who meticulously meddles with settings to get them just right in their designs — from the size to the letter spacing to the line length — is a complicated one. So, it’s necessary to appreciate it as a complex and ingenious form of art.

Now designers and artists are increasingly taking typography a step further, blurring the lines between words and pictures. There are several different types of typographic art, the main three forms being: phrases, usually aphorisms, maxims or quotes, displayed in a typographic style intended to be visually appealing; single words highly decorated to amplify their meaning; and images created from words or phrases which have some direct relation to the subject of the image.

Typographic Poster ExampleIt’s no surprise that typography has gained such appeal. Images have provided a means of communication for thousands of years; from prehistoric cave paintings created before language, to the symbolism of renaissance art at a time when most ordinary people could not read; to the discreet signs hobos leave for each other to signify danger or assistance.

In the modern world, however, most of us expect to get our information in written form, from the web, books, newspapers and so on. Only a minority of people know how to read the works of renaissance painters now, but most of us in the western world can read the written explanations of those paintings. And yet, images still have a greater impact.

Imagery is an incredibly democratic form of communication; you don’t need to be a gifted wordsmith to communicate simple ideas and with the advent of digital cameras and software like Adobe Photoshop anyone can make use of a powerful image. Using words to make these images could be seen as a modern, digital counterpoint to symbolism in art, providing a literal meaning for images connected with ideas they do not figuratively represent.

When we want to make an impact, to get the message across, we always use images over words. Images transcend words, they are a universal language, and they carry with them an immediacy that is hard to ignore. The language barrier can interfere with typographic poster designs in some cases so this is something designers need to be aware of.

Typography Poster PrintTypography has always been part of designing. Hence, there are people who make use of it in a truly artistic way not just considering aesthetics but also making sure that an important message is being conveyed. No doubt, typography as an art is effective and is also appealing to the audience. That is why, through the years, it has been used by many designers in various ways and has found its place in poster design as well.

The creative manner of using type has inspired many designers to explore and discover ways in using type for their designs. Some people might not be able to appreciate it but as one looks deeper into their works; you will come to realize that typography is more than just type. In fact, typography, if creatively used can turn a poster into a true piece of art.


For further information on typesetting and its history see the Wikipedia reference.

The Art of Vintage Poster Designs

Vintage Poster DesignPosters, as attractive as they are, are one of the most innovative and experimented upon artworks. Apart from display of text and graphics, they also encourage one to add a dash of ideas in order to communicate and make sense out of the content. Vintage posters are very much in vogue right now. It is like the 50’s- 60’s fashion coming back to life again. They can remind us of our childhoods and some very fond memories. However, authentic vintage posters are a bit rare to find. It requires time and research to find the right ones which aren’t just printed copies. Montgomery Flagg vintage

With the outbreak of World War I in 1914, the poster became an art that could influence history. Prior to the ascendancy of motion pictures and television, it was politically the most important of all visual media. It was easily produced and immediate in impact, and it could be posted wherever there was a public to see it. Given such a role, posters of war and revolution may be quite forceful, varied, and revealing. The propagandistic posters of the early years of the Soviet Union, for example, aimed at a largely illiterate population, are blunt and powerful; those of the late Austro-Hungarian Empire have a lyrical medieval gallantry; and those of World War I America display a swaggering hometown naivete. All reveal a need to embody not only the aspirations of the group that produced them but of the entire people to whom they were addressed. An outstanding example is James Montgomery Flagg’s famous U.S. recruiting poster of Uncle Sam pointing directly at the viewer, a forceful call to patriotism during World War I.

These days Vintage posters are a must have in many people’s home decor theme. With the advent of poster printing in mass production has come the immediate availability of vintage posters on the internet which has made them very affordable for home owners. Having a classic vintage print in your home adds a very stylized element to your interior design.

Vintage Retro Posters

As far as authentic vintage posters go, it is the combination of rarity of a poster, condition, artist, and the image itself that will determine the final selling price of an individual poster. Some people purchase Vintage Posters with a specific subject matter, some are looking to work with a particular colour scheme, while others prefer the style of a particular artist. At all times, the better the condition of a poster, the higher is its price. The size of the piece does not always determine the value of a poster. As a reflection of price changes, consider today’s market place where images relating to coffee and cigar smoking are rising much quickly that the less popular Vintage Posters promoting furs. With limited supply available in collectors’ hands, a quick pick-up in demand reflects in the selling prices. Vintage posters are used in many different ways. In the home many people use these striking images as the focal point of a room, often the living room or family room  but also the kitchen and bedroom as well. Vintage Posters are used prominently in television shows’ decor – for example the living room looking so lively in Friends, Frasier, as well as in many movies. In an office setting the poster can be used in a lobby as well as in conference and showrooms. Some businesses use the Vintage Posters to promote their own products or just to create an atmosphere pleasing to their clients and employees. Hotels and restaurants use many Vintage Posters to enhance the ambiance of their establishments. Whether it be just one, or a full display of Vintage Posters they lend themselves to a room setting where people are having a good time. The popularity of these antique images has grown enormously in the past 10 years. Few dealers specialize in Vintage Posters particularly in the world. It is important to rely on a Vintage Poster dealer that is both knowledgeable and reliable.

At Posterbox we love the classic retro feel of vintage poster designs, they have their own individual style which is fairly simple yet very striking. They just get the point across without any fuss. There are many online gallery sites which sell great vintage poster reproductions so have a look and you might well discover a hidden gem that is perfect for your home or office wall.


Funny and sarcastic signs

Posters and signs need not be boring, informative work, just take a look at this amusing artwork from around the world. The great thing about these signs is that they work! People notice them, talk about them, tell their friends about them. That’s a result! Marketing doesn’t come much better than word of mouth.

These poster signs, although funny and downright sarcastic, have been designed to capture your attention in a creative way. There isn’t any real design work of note but it’s the wording which does the trick in these designs.

If you have come across any more similar pictures let us know and we’ll add them to this list.

amusing poster

sarcastic signage

balls removed signage

dog poster

poster design humour

light funny sign