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5 Tips For Better Poster Design

brilliant poster designs

Posters are one of the best ways to promote something – be it an event, product or business. Since the dawn of printing, poster design has represented the easiest way to let people know of something and is still used today because of its continued success rate in getting the information out there. To a certain extent, the internet and social media has taken over but there is still a huge marketplace for poster designs. So if you wanted to create a poster design for your event, how would you go about it? We’re going to run through the top 5 tips for ensuring your poster makes the biggest impact, and consequently get you the most ROI. Continue reading 5 Tips For Better Poster Design

Creative vehicle wrap design

creative vehicle graphic design

I just had to write this short post to show you this amazing vehicle wrap design I came across whilst browsing the web. I see so many badly designed vehicle graphics on the road, from lorries and vans to cheap promotional cars that seeing something so creative and inspiring is worth posting.

This graphic wrap on a bus is what you call powerful marketing! You see this and you remember it. You talk about it with your friends and family. It stays in your head and you remember what the company was it was advertising. In this case it was an advert for a Zoo in Copenhagen.

The design makes it look like a giant snake is wrapping itself around the bus and slowly crushing it in sections. There’s plenty of detail too, just look at how the snake’s head has been made to look like it is lifting away from the bus, simply made by adding some extra shadow beneath the snake’s head. Absolutely genius bit of advertising design.

Have you seen anything to rival this as the best vehicle design ever? If so, comment below and let us know!